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RTD Thermometer

Mô tả: Modular RTD assembly
protection tube and neck tube, thread

High flexibility based on modular assembly with standard terminal heads and customized immersion length
Highest possible compatibility with a design according to DIN 43772
Neck tube for heat protection of head transmitter
Fast response time with reduced/tapered tip form
Types of protection for use in hazardous locations:
- Intrinsic Safety (Ex ia)
- Non-Sparking (Ex nA)
Giá bán: Vui lòng gọi
Tình trạng: Mới 100%
Bảo hành: 01 năm
Xuất xứ: Endress Hauser
Ngày đăng: 17-03-2017

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Nguyễn Thành Dĩnh
I Senior Sales Eng . I
I cellphone I  - 0945 305 863                 
I email I 

Online contact===================================
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ANS Vietnam (Anh Nghi Son Service Trading Co., Ltd.)

I add I  D3, KDC Mieu Noi, Dinh Tien Hoang St., W.3, Binh Thanh Dist., HCMC, Vietnam

E+H Vietnam TR10-ABA3CASD52000

RTD Thermometer TR10 to screw in.
Thermowell acc. DIN 43772/2G+3G.
Replaceable insert, MgO.
max.measuring range: -200...+600oC.
(depending on configuration).
additional specification
Low range value 10,000- °C
Upper range value 50,000 °C
A:  Approval: Non-hazardous area
B:  Head; Cable Entry: TA30A Alu, IP66/68; M20
A:  Pipe Diameter; Material: 9 mm; 316L, DIN43772-2G
3 : Neck Length E: 145 mm, DIN43772-2G
CA:  Process Connection: Thread G1/2"; 316L
S:  Tip Shape: Straight
D:  Immersion Length L: 160 mm
5 :Head Transmitter; Range: TMT180-A12 PCP; 4-20mA,
0.1K; temp. range to be spec. -50/250oC
2 RTD; Wire; Meas. Range; Class; Validity: 1xPt100
TF; 3; -50/400oC; A; -50/250oC increased vibration resistance
0 Material Certificate: Not needed
0 Test Report: Not needed
0 Test/Calibration: Not needed

dress + Hauser Vietnam Code: PMP135-A4N01A2S 
(PMP135 - A4N01A2S)
Endress + Hauser Vietnam Code: PMC131-A11F1A1V 
(PMC131 - A11F1A1V)
Endress + Hauser Vietnam Code: PMP131-A1101A2S
E+H Vietnam Model: FTI55-AAB2RV141G1A
E+H Vietnam Electromagnetic flow meter
Code: 53P65-EA0B1AA0ABAD
E+H Vietnam Type: FTM50-AGG2A4A12AA
E+H Vietnam Model: 73F1H-SE4AA1AEA4AW
E+H Vietnam Model: 73F50-SE4AA1AEA4AW
E+H Vietnam Flowphant
Code: DTT31-A2A111AE2AAB
E+H Vietnam Correct: 73F2F-SA4AA1AAB4AA
Prowirl 73F2F, DN250 10"
E+H Vietnam Configuration fit TXU10
Code: TXU10-AA
E+H Vietnam Level Transmitter
Model: FMI51-A1AGDJB2A2A
L1 = 450mm
E+H Vietnam 73F40-SE4AA1AEA4AA
(code: 73F40-SE4AA1AEA4AA*)
E+H Vietnam Correct: LD134-PVA438HB1
(code: CLD134-PVA438HB1)
E+H Vietnam TPR100-AXX2CF000
Insert TPR100
Mineral insulated cable (MgO).
Replaceable insert acc.EN60751.
max. measuring range: -200...600oC
(depending on configuration).
A Approval: Non-hazardous area
XX Insertion Length IL: 1.000 mm, as specified
2 Inset Diameter: 6 mm; 316L
C Head Transmitter; Range: Terminal block
F RTD; wire; meas. range; class: validity: 2xPt100
WW; 3; -200/600oC; AA; 0/250°C
0 Factory Test Report: Not needed
0 Calibration: Not needed0
00 Additional Option: Not needed
Please note:
Your seriesnumber is unknown.
Seri number:
E+H Vietnam Deltapilot S FMB70
Code: FMB70-ABA 1H1200 CAA
E+H Vietnam Model: 73F1H-SE4AA1AEA4AW
E+H Vietnam Model: 73F50-SE4AA1AEA4AW
E+H Vietnam PMP131-A1101A74 (PMP 131-A1101A74)
Cerabar T PMP131